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17 August 2010:

So...first things first, fanlisting = updated! Check.

Next item on the list: MySQL. I finally resolved the connection issues I was experiencing with the server, which means this page is finally back up! (YAY!)

I forgot I had moved some of these files sometime before last year and had to redo all the scripting to get it working again. The worst part was getting it to connect to the MySQL server itself and pulling my hair out everytime it didn't, even though I was doing everything correctly. It turned out the resolution to the problem was a simple change in the url prefix. Yeah...way to feel daft, but I suppose these things are bound to happen when you don't work on the site's back-end stuff on a regular basis. You're bound to forget what you did last time you worked on it. :(

Anyway, I need to actually update all of the pages on this site, but it isn't so much the content that needs updating, just the back-end PHP and MySQL stuff. Pretty much just update all the scripts. I may make some new buttons for codes as well since the ones I have now are from 2006 (back when I first started the site) and they look a bit rubbish now. I think it's definitely time to upgrade the graphics for sure.

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31 January 2010:

Hey everyone,

As you've all noticed by now, I do have a new layout up (YAY)!

But of course, you all knew that, so head on over to blog for more details on that. ;)

A few other things as well, I went ahead and got rid of both the affiliates and credits pages and merge them all into one page called links, so feel free to check that out. Most of the original links are there and I added a few others.

Ohh and guess what? I finally added reCAPTCHA to the blog finally to keep the spambots from flooding MySQL with more rubbish. YAY!

Yes, I am sure it is probably one more nuissance to deal with, but it does make my job as a webmaster a lot easier. After all, I can't be behind the computer all day deleting spam posts. XP

Anyway, this is it for now. More updates to come though! I am still not done. :)

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23 December 2009:

Hey guys! It feels like ages since I last updated this site, and all of this due to my busy schedule. I also can't believe Christmas is around the corner! D:

Anyways, there were some major updates made to this site, mostly back-end. I'm still not done, but I did update quite a few pages:

First and foremost, the fanlisting is up-to-date with the latest entry. (This is about the only page I manage to update on a regular basis whenever a new entry is submitted).

I also added reCAPTCHA to most of my forms to lessen the chances of spambots flooding my inbox and databases with rubbish spam. I still have to add one to the comments page on the blog, but that's a whole other story. It's definitely one of those things where I have to sort through pages upon pages of scripts before I can find a way to incorprate it in there. (It's the only iffy thing about working on blogs).

Speaking of the blog, I've recently made a reaction post about the new Inuyasha: Kanketsu-hen series if you want to check that out. It is a little off-topic since the post is more Kikyou-oriented than it is Willow, but believe me it's worth it. (I must warn that it is a bit lengthy as I tend to ramble a lot). :P

I updated the news page with two new projects that Willow completed this year, and I fixed the broken links on the affiliates page. I still need to update the ones on the blog as soon as I can remember where the scripts for those are located.

I think that's about it for now. There will be more updates made to some of the pages as I finish moving files around and reorganising everything. I do plan on getting the down pages back up eventually.

I hope everyone has an excellent Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Just don't drink and drive! :)

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10 July 2009:

The fanlisting has been updated with one new entry so far.

Another thing as well is that it appears that my inbox has been putting some non-spam emails into my spam folder recently, so if I missed any of your emails, I do apologise. That has since been taken care of however, so if you've sent a request to join the fanlisting, or have sent me an email recently, you can send it again, and this time I'll be able to recieve it.

I apologise once again for any inconvenience this may have caused. ♥

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29 April 2009:

As a result of all the security issues that I ran into with the phpBB forum and the lack of control that I had over many of its features, I have decided to move the WJnet forum over to proboards, which is more secure and has better admin control.

This will mean that everyone who had previously joined the other forum will have to create new accounts, but rest assure it'll be well worth the change.

Hope to see everyone there! ♥

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27 September 2008:

It's been another busy week, but I've added two new features to this site to make it more user interactive:

»Click here for more details.

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17 September 2008:

I uploaded the screencaps to the video that I shot of one of Willow's panels, so thank you all for being patient and go check them out. Again, I apologise for the overall quality of the pictures, but they are still viewable. Believe me, the audio was much worse. :(

I feel bad now that I didn't get enough pictures from the con for you guys, but then again there really wasn't alot of events for Willow to be apart of aside from signing autographs and two panel appearances. The rest of the time we just hung out and walked around that massive building that is the Baltimore Convention Centre. Hopefully next time that Willow makes another con appearance that can be made up for, and hopefully I'll have another memory stick in hand for the event that my 1G gets full. (Which is what also happened by the way).

I also updated the fanlisting with your comments that have been submitted. Again keep them coming and I'll keep updating it.

In other news, Willow is still currently on hiatus as voice over projects have been slow as of late, so we won't be hearing from our favourite leading lady anytime soon *tears*. But, fear not Willow fans! As soon as word is out for her new voicing gig, you guys will be the first to know along with anyone else that frequents this site. ;)

I've also started working on the Flash version of the site, set for release hopefully by early next year assuming that I don't get anymore swamped with work and school. But hopefully that won't be an issue since I got started on this early.

And speaking of work...I need to be doing that right now. So I'll see you all on the next update. Ciao lovers! ;)

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7 September 2008:

Not a major update guys, but I just wanted to point out that I edited out the uhhhs and the ummms and other such stutturing from the Panel 4 interview, cause I don't know. It was kind of distracting reading all of those. Of course I didn't removed all of them, but I took out alot of them. I now understand why my professors always marked me for them, every time that I went up to present the websites I built for class. >o<

I should have probably edited them out earlier, but I was too tired from transcribing it that I just posted it as it was. But that's fixed now and hopefully niether Willow, Tara, or Mela will kill me for not having done so earlier. (I'm just a webmaster.). x.o

Anyway....it's almost that time of year again to renew the domain for this site and you know what? I think along with it a new layout, but I'm thinking that instead of doing that, I'll just make a Flash version of this site, cause Flash is cool. I'll still keep the html version up for anyone who still uses narrowband, but after much pondering I've decided I'm going Flash for the next "layout".

The awesome thing about Flash is that it'll make it easier to add videos and audio to the site without it being overkill to just link them. It will also take alot less time to upload media than it would to upload the raw files. Also look forward to a photo gallery of sorts with the Flash release of this site.

Speaking of videos, I was enquired about whether or not I was going to ever upload the video that I took of Willow's panel, and I thought about it, and to tell you the truth the over-all quality of the video was so bad that I've decided not to. The reason it was transcribed in the first place was the fact that it was in fact hard to hear some of the responses that the three actress gave and the audio was too low in some parts, loud in others. The picture was also very grainy and dark, so at best I'll post screen caps of the video.

Some of you are also wondering about the fate of Shrine-Maiden.net and I was even enquired about it. I have spoken with the webmistress of the site (who is also my best friend in real life, but I refer to her as my "twin") and the good news is, she has no plans of ever shutting that down, but she has been working on it. Right now she's working on a new layout and revamping the back-end programming, which will all take time to do. Back-end programming is also the reason I am sometimes slow in updating this site since I have to make sure it all works fine and that there are no errors, security breaches, etc.

She also works full time, so it may be a while before she gets all of that done, but I will keep you all posted on it gets finally put up.

Yours truly,

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27 August 2008:

I'm sure by now you've all noticed that I changed the picture on the index page, but guess what else guys? I also finally got around to adding the interactive Media page, as well as finally adding the transcript for Panel 4 at Otakon. And oi! Transcribing 16 minutes worth of video was hella long. It took even longer to transcribe that whole vid than it did to create the databases and pages for them. XD

But hey, that's why it took so long for me to get it up here, but it was well worth the wait. I think. I still need to fix my Javascript file for the menus on the Interactive Media page, but that can wait another day. I think I've done enough programming for one night and I think my brain cells are dead now. x_X

I will admit there were parts that were too low for me to fully comprehend, but I got most of it for the most part. You'll see all this though when you look at my little webmaster notes in italicised brackets. ;)

I also updated the members page as well to include a comment that was e-mailed to me. This is still open to current members of the fanlisting by the way!

I hope you will all enjoy the good insight on the voice acting industry, and more to come later on next month. So stay tuned! :D

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16 August 2008:

Hello everyone! A real update on the site this time. No new stuff has been added yet (I'm still working on that), but I did update some existing pages:

  • I added a new link to Ken LaTour's website on the Affiliates page. So once again, go check that out for songs that he sings with Willow (she really is a fantastic singer, I was blown away *_______*). He also has one album up for sale on iTunes and another one coming up along the way. So be sure to check that out!! :)
  • I also updated the FAQ page with updated answers to previous questions. :)

With that said, I'm still transcribing the video that I have from panel four of last Friday, so look forward to that and possibly videos and a photo gallery! :D

I also want to point out yet again, that I DID finally fix the php logic error from the join page, so now I can recieve the comments that get posted to the fanlisting. Again if you did leave a comment and it was not posted, please don't hesitate to e-mail me as I will surely edit all entries submitted to the database to include them. Willow does like to know how fans feel about her work, so please take advantage of this opportunity!

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11 August 2008:

Whoot! I'm back home from a short, but awesome weekend in Baltimore, and now I am dead tired. Seriously, I'm going to need atleast a whole week to recover from all the euphoria of not only having met Willow, but also from enduring many sleepless nights as well. (I think we all do). But there's no need not to worry! No one except for that infant next door is to blame for that, but because it was an infant crying from 2 to 5 o'clock in the morning, he's forgiven. :)

So moving on now, I'm sure you were all waiting all weekend for this update and here it is. But because I am bloody tired as hell, you're going to have to forgive me for keeping this brief until the next update, which will be loaded with all sorts of Willow goodness, I promise!

With that said, here are the cliff notes version of the event:

  • First things first, I met Willow Johnson! And she is indeed a sweetheart in person.
  • I got to hang out with both Willow and Ken LaTour (a fellow musician, he's really awesome! You should all check out his website for songs that he sings with Willow!)
  • Got a picture with Willow as well as an autograph.
  • Got a partial video of one of her panels
  • Bought some artwork, mostly DC stuff.
  • Talked to Willow about the future of WJ.net and she'll e-mail me her ideas for the site. We might just become official!
  • The rest of the time I just haggled when not at the con. Took lots of pictures!
  • Over all: FAN-TAS-TIC weekend! Better than what I expected. So thank you Willow and Ken for hanging out with me! I owe you both. :D

And now for the most important part of this update:

It was brought to my attention over the weekend that the comments people were leaving when joining the fanlisting weren't showing up and appeared as "no comments". I'm surprised no one brought this to my attention sooner as I would have taken care of it ALOT earlier, but as Ken says "better late than never".

When I looked at the php script I wrote for it, it turned out to be a logic error that was overlooked, but it is now fixed. I will now be able to recieve the comments as part of the request to join, I guarantee it! But, to make up for it, if any of you are already on the fanlisting and DID leave a comment and would still like to leave one, please send me an e-mail with your comments and I will surely add them to the database. :)

As for the pictures and vids that we took at the con, those will be up in a couple of days, so look forward to those as well. :)

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6 August 2008:

Willow's bio page has finally been added. My apologies for the delay, but I did finally figure out the other day why MySQL kept blocking me -the admin- from my databases! So this won't be a problem again in the future. Whoot! Glad I got that solved!

Also, I just realised that I'll be in Baltimore tomorrow afternoon and that in itself is a scary thought. x_x

It'll just be me, all by myself in a foreign piece of land, and I'm still wondering how Hailey managed to survive living in Portland, Oregon for a whole year by herself. Hails, I'll be thinking of you when I get to Maryland tomorrow. X3

This means however that I'll have to pay for classes today since I won't in town the days we're due to pay for class and avoid a late fee.

See you all Friday!

The Webmaster

[EDIT]: I almost forgot, Stefy suggested this idea, but for now I'll settle for being the only Rose Tyler at the con, lol. Besides, the shirt only cost 6.99 which isn't a bad price for it! :D

2 August 2008:

After some persuasion from some of my closest friends and a 100% 'YES!' vote, I bought my plane ticket to Baltimore and reserved a hotel for Otakon 2008. I'll be arriving there on Thursday and departing on Monday morning.

While it is unfortunate that Jessie-love couldn't make it to this con due to unfortunate circumstances, I did promise to bring her back an autograph atleast. (And sweetheart, you really do need to update Shrine Maiden sometime. It's been on hiatus for a little over a year now!)

So yes my dear visitors, I will be attending the con with more Willow goodness along the way!

And kill joy! I'm going to be SO broke when I get back home, I'll probably have to work temporarily as a call girl in London to be able to regain every penny that I spent on this trip in one weekend, lol. Are there any wealthy sex-deprived young fellows out there that would like to go first? Please form a line on the right, thank you! XD

See you all at the con! ;)

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30 July 2008:

Hello everyone, this isn't really an update on the site itself, but I am however facing a bit of a dilemma and I wouldn't be bringing this up if I didn't feel it wasn't important enough site-wise.

First lets begin with the good news: since school does not start for me until 25 August and my current work schedule is quite flexible at the moment since I'm doing freelance webwork for a client at the moment. I already spoke with my client yesterday over the phone so work won't be a problem. I also have enough money saved up, so I CAN make it to the con next weekend to see Willow. But sadly this is where the good news ends and this is now the part where I drop the bombshell on everyone else's expectations.

The bad news is that my best friend's work supervisor refused to acknowledge her change of plans and refused to change the days that she can take off for vacation. So she therefore can't join me to this con due to her work schedule and because that *woman* that she has of a supervisor doesn't want to make anymore changes to her schedule, even though this is only a week before the week my friend decided to take off. As much as I want to call this *woman* something else right now because I'm *that* pissed off with her right now, I'm going to refrain from doing so right now since this isn't my personal blog. Come LJ on the otherhand and there will be a whole lot of swearing then, so I'll just save it for then.

While this alone shouldn't keep me from going as it is only one person that can't make it, unfortunately I cannot ask any of my other friends to go with me either because they all already travelled somehwere this month and already took enough time off from work. It's not likely that their work supervisors will let them take anymore days off, especially since this is very much last minute. And so here is where my dilemma begins:

While the lack of available friends shouldn't keep me from going to the con especially if I myself can still make it, the thought of me being in a foreign place ALL by myself is just too terrifying for me and it will be too much for me to handle. I also do suffer from an anxiety disorder that I'm currently taking medication for, and for me to be in a crowded place such as a con, all by myself, completely surrounded by strange people will leave me vulnerable to panic attacks. I need to have atleast one person with me that I know to be a bit more at ease in a place I am not familiar with.

So, while I am excited to hear that Willow will be visiting a part of the US that's actually closer to where I live (I'm currently residing in Florida), at the same time I do feel a bit let down on the thought that I will be completely alone at this place and it's not like I'm going to be there to hang out with Willow. She doesn't even know who I am. At best my interaction with her (if I do get to meet her) will be at best three minutes or five if I'm really lucky. I'll pretty much have nothing else to do for three days in a foreign state and it's not like I still have a boyfriend to be able to do other things during that time. Especially since he broke up with me late last year and I haven't been with anyone else since.

I honestly don't know what to do here guys. On the one hand, I don't want to miss out an opportunity to meet Willow ESPECIALLY since she's going to be this close, but on the other hand, I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle being there all by myself. Who KNOWS when Willow is going to be able to travel again, and who knows if I'll even still be here by the time she's able to travel to this side again. There's also the fact that I don't want to disappoint her fans that frequent this site either, due to the lack of new content. The best thing that could happen to me right now, is if she one day came as a guest at a con here in Orlando, Florida (yeah the city with Disney and all the other theme parks) during my four years that I'm in college and then it won't be hard to ask my friends to spend a weekend with me at a con. No point in even going to one, if you have no one to hang out with.

And Now for the Proposal:

Seeing where my current dilemma is, I am going set up a poll on my LiveJournal and leave this decision to votes. If the majority votes that I should overcome my social anxiety and go anyway, I will take that risk. If the majority on the other hand votes that I should worry about my mental health first and hope that Willow will visit the state that I'm currently residing, then I will stay here and hope. My LJ is friends only, but I will leave this particular one open to the general public and annomynous comments ARE disabled.

»And onto the LJ poll!«

[EDIT]: I just realised you have to have an LJ account to be able to vote. If you don't have an LJ, just post a comment on my LJ and I'll treat your vote just the same. Sorry for the inconvenience. :o

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7 February 2008:

Hello everyone! Not a major update but an FAQ page has been added to help answer any possible questions you may have concerning this site or Willow herself. Please be sure to check that out before you send me any e-mails. :)

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31 December 2007:

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. Mine was okay and highly uneventul but I atleast got some work done.

I know I haven't been on the ball lately with updating this site and I apologise for that. Part of the reason for the lack of updates has largely to do with the fact that my hosting changed servers over the summer and as a result it pretty much screwed up not just my DNS file (which I had to call for them to recreate), but the switch also screwed up my MySQL databases among other back-end problems. So, without being able to access my databses, updating is a bit of a problem. But the good news is, the members page is unaffected, which is good! After all it is the most important part of this website.

The bad news is, it's going to be a bitch (to put it bluntly) to create other dynamic pages on this site since MySQL has a lovely tendency to block me (the admin account) when I write my own scripts to connect to it. Not sure why it does that, but I can safely say that it isn't my scripting that's causing this mishap since my scripts were working perfectly fine prior to the server switch. To further prove that point, my admin account is set to all priviledges on the MySQL monitor and I even had another web developer look at my scripting, and he too agreed that there is something seriously wrong with the MySQL monitor on the server.

At this point I am considering switching hosts, cause well....without the use of MySQL, I really can't do much on here, now can I? So until then I will just devote the rest of the time developing the Flash portion of this site which will contain cool stuff like an image gallery, videos and whatever else comes to mind. Who knows, I may instead choose to recreate this whole site on Flash and might as well make it the first fansite made entirely in Flash. I'm still debating that, but that in itself will be a bit of work, so it should keep me busy most of this week. I will still keep the html version up for those computers that aren't Flash savvy.

After this week, who knows when I'll be able to update again since the next three months is going to consist of internship, 3D Modelling, adding special effects to videos, and a whole bunch of other things that I'd rather not think about right now. All I know is the next three months will be the busiest for starting the new year with and every other month after that

As for as Willow-related news, I can't say she's been very active this past year in her voicing gigs folks x_X. This year I've only notice two new credits in her Crystal Acids profile, unless I'm missing out on other projects that's worked on this year as a result of my being out of the loop (which I will admit I have been). Kind of embarrassing to admit, but if you guys know something I don't, feel free to contact me by sending me an e-mail. ^^;;;

Other than that, there really isn't much else to say, except I can't believe this site's already a year old. x_X

Happy Holidays to everyone and Happy New Year!

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15 June 2007:

Join and Contact forms are back up and running and comments have been enabled on news.

19 May 2007:

Due to frequent spamming of the server by spambots, I have temporarily taken down the Join page as well as disabling the contact page until further notice. I apologise to Willow Johnson fans that wished to join the fanlisting, but until I write up a new script, that will not be possible for a while.

I will let everyone know when the pages will be up and running again as well as when other updates will take place. In the mean time, please be patient. I'll be a while until the next update.

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