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Willow's Voicework of 2009

12/23/09 - As 2009 is coming to a close, Willow has thus far completed two projects for this year:

1. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 (Video Game) : Lalah Sune
2. Barbie and the Three Musketeers (Movie) : Aramina

For those of you wondering about the new Inuyasha series that is currently being shown in Japan, there is no word yet on whether or not there will be an English-dubbed version. It is a high possibility though, considering that Viz has already obtained a licence to simulatenously broadcast an English-subbed version the series a day after its initial airing in Japan.

If they do bring back the original English cast, it is very likely that Willow will be a part of it, but more on that when there is more news on it. In the meantime, stay tuned! :)

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A Chance For All American Fans

7/28/08 - Good news everyone! I know I've been neglecting this site for three months now, as I've been very busy as of late, but I couldn't miss out on the chance to post this information.

Through courtesy of Suil who informed me of an upcoming con event, Willow is set to appear at Otakon 2008 as a guest between 8 August through the 10th in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She will also be looking forward to meeting American anime fans there. For more information on Willow's guest appearance at Otakon 2008, click here.

Whether or not I'll be able to fly there at the last minute (I would have to look at flight scheduling, hotel reservations, etc) will depend on whether or not my work schedule will allow it, but in case I do manage to squeak in, I may have more to update on within the next month.

Even though this will mean breaking my bank going to this con, but it'll be worth every penny. It's not everyday that Willow gets to travel to an area that's *somewhat* closer to where I live. While I'm at it, I'll also be wearing my union jack shirt, which is the exact same one that Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) wears in Series 1 of Doctor Who. So if you see a dark haired girl walking around in this shirt, that's me! :D

So thank you Suil for the information and I hope more people will get a chance to meet Willow at the con. This will be Willow's first con appearance since AKON in 2001 in her hometown of Vancouver, and her first guest appearance in the United States. :)

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3 April 2008 : Birthday Wishes

4/3/08 - Guess what everyone! Today is the birthday of our favourite voice actress -Willow Johnson- who is turning 31!

Even though most of us tend to work on our birthdays (I know I do), here is to wishing you the best that you can get out of this special day, hopefully surrounded by friends and family, lots of love, and hopefully a birthday cake.

From those of us here at WJ.net, Happy Birthday Willow! We are grateful for every day that you are around to be fans of your awesome voice work! ♥


Your humble Webmaster and devoted fans

Forbidden to Love Once Again

6/03/07 - So I came across some interesting news yesterday and it turns out that Willow didn't disappear from voice acting at all. In fact, her most recent appearance was in Ayakashi - Samurai Horror Tales in which she plays Tomihime, a "forgotten god" who engages in a forbidden romance with a human male who is (amazingly enough) played by the same guy that voices Miroku in English in IY (Kirby Morrow).

I have to say, it is about damn time that Willow got a leading female role. While her more notable roles Kikyou and Kasumi were also main characters in Takahashi's mangas, they were mostly thrown into the background as recurring characters while the story mostly focused on the leading male and female characters and their many adventures together.

Interestingly enough -I might add- there is also a Kikyou in Ayakashi, only she's not voiced by Willow. That would have been something she were. She does after all speak in her Kikyou voice as Tomihime and I think she has a thing now for playing tragic female characters that are forbidden to love. Only this time she's not the human woman that falls in love with the troubled half demon, this time she's the goddess that falls in love with a human guy!