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1. I've written you several e-mails, why haven't you gotten back to me?

If you've contacted me before, I did receive your e-mail and I've gotten back to you. If you didn't receive my response it could be one out of two things: either my e-mail ended up in your spam folder or your e-mail client for some reason doesn't always recieve e-mails from certain servers (Such happens to be the case with yahoo). Before you go with the latter, check your spam folder first to see if it's there. If a month passes by and you still haven't heard from me, then the problem is with the e-mail client itself. If the latter happens to be the case, then feel free to write me to my personal e-mail instead.

2. I'm Willow's biggest fan and I'm desperate to know what her next project is going to be. Can you please tell me when she's going to make another appearance?

If new information is out about her next voicing projects and/or other TV appearances, it will be posted here. Please be patient.

3. Do you have Willow's e-mail address? If so, can I please write to her?

No. For reasons of privacy I will not disclose any of Willow's contact information on this site or to anyone. Please do not e-mail me to request that information as it will not be given. Sorry. What you can do however, is join the fanlisting and write your thoughts on why she is your favourite voice artist. She does visit this site and she will read your comments.

4. Do you know if Willow will be making any appearances at an anime convention?

When I recieve news of her next con appearances, I will definitely post con information on the news page.

5. Did you ever get a chance to meet Willow at a con?

Yes I did and she really is a sweetheart in person. She's also a great person to hang out with and I feel fortunate enough to have had that privilege. I've had nothing but very postive things to say about her to friends and family. So if you get the chance to meet Willow at a convention, it is truly an experience to remember.

6. Do you know where I can get episodes of Willow Johnson's live action TV appearances?

Unless you live in Canada to catch the re-runs, I really don't think alot of the Canadian shows she's made guest appearances on are available on DVD. You can however get Highlander season 3 on DVD which features the Cross of St. Antoine episode that she briefly appeared in. As for her other credits, good luck finding those!