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BLOG UPDATE: 08/22/11 The Future of Willow-Johnson.net.

Welcome to the Unofficial Willow Johnson fansite, a non-profit website made in honour of one of Canada's most talented voice actors.

The site's mission is to gather up a list of fans from around the globe that know of or are a fan of Willow Johnson and her work as a voice artist, tv actress, and singer.

We are here to show our support for this talented individual and this is to say that this fanlisting is not open to any hateful comments from anyone of any kind. If we come across such statements, it will not be posted and it will be deleted from the database. Fans of Japanese seiyuus are welcome as well, we do ask however that you show some respect to those that do appreciate the working efforts of the English dub actors.

Disclaimer: This non-profit website is in no way connected to or affiliated with Willow Johnson. This site was made without her knowledge and all information provided on her was taken from various online sources accessable to the public.